How To Avoid A Renovation Disaster

Painting Services Sydney

Painting Services Sydney

Often a room with some superficial damage can be restored. Often some minor wall repair and a neat paint job is all it takes to make a room look pristine. We might add some carpet or floor vinyl as well. But occasional a building is beyond repair, or the repair work required is so expensive as to make the project prohibitive. Sometime an old home is not worth the time and effort needed for restoration.

How can we know in advance if a building is worth renovating?

Is the foundation faulty?

If there is a crack larger than a 2-3 mm then there is something seriously wrong.
And if the crack is at a 45 degree angle the foundation is shifting to one side.
Foundation repair is very expensive. Avoid this situation.

The basement looks bad

If there are signs of water damage, cracked walls, mould, crumbling concrete, or even bad air then the there is probably foundation or structural issues.

Old plumbing

This requires time to clean, and it needs to be maintained every few years.

Old gallivanted pipes are a bad sign. Copper pipe plumbing is preferable.

Old wiring

If the home has aluminium wiring it is a fire hazard. old rubber insulation is also a huge risk. The entire home will need to be rewired, which is expensive.

The electrical system will need to run at least 150 amp for an modern home. Older home (before large screen TVs and computers) often could not provide this much energy.

Roof Issues

A roof replacement will cost thousands. and if the damaged rood has let water into the home there may be a lot of other problems with damaged walls and structure.

Sewer System

if there is a poor odour in the home the sewer system may be lacking. A single ground level toilet may not be too expensive, but if more than a few drains and toilets need repair the cost will quickly rise.

Poor grounds

If the surrounding grounds are unkempt then often the buildings are neglected too. Perhaps not a sure sign, but certainly a bad indication.

Painting Services Sydney

If your home or office is already well maintained then a professional paint-job can give you a whole new decor. Call us for a quote.

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