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Painting Services Sydney

Painting Services Sydney

rarely is paint applied directly to a surface. These is almost always a primer applied first. Different surfaces, interior Gyprock, timber, metal pipes, will all have a different primer applied to the final paint can adhere correctly.
Paint manufacturers usually recommend a coat of primer first. If we do not apply this to Gyprock then the final paint will soak into the wall surface. This gives terrible results. Primer gives the right sort of surface for paint to bond to and also goes a long way to covering discolourations and repairs on the wall underneath.
Professional painters charge by the hours, so we might be tempted to cut costs by asking them to skip the primer. But this is a false economy and a terrible decision. We get better results by applying primer first. And lack of primer (at the very least) means applying a second coat of paint latter on, which means we don’t really save any time or money.
One modern trick is to tint the primer to a similar colour to the final paint. This greatly helps the end result, giving a very even looking paint job with only one coat of paint. Older methods of applying a neutral primer with tow coats of paint took longer, only to deliver the same result.

Repainting Walls

if we are repainting we might be able to forgo primer. New paint will often bond well to an older coat of paint. It will never bond to well to bare plaster. But if the old previous coat of paint is glossy then the new paint will not bonds well. We need to either roughen the surface before painting (liquid sandpaper) or apply a primer.
A primer is also recommended it the previous coat of paint is a different shade to the new paint colour. It is too easy for the old paint to show through and ruin the result, especially if the old paint is dark in colour. Better to put a primer down first (which is cheaper) that be forced to apply a second coat of paint (which tends to be more costly).

Self Priming Paint

There have been self-priming paints on he market for several years, but these have never been too popular. They can give decent results and save some time, but they are quite expensive, costing more than separate primer and a layer of final paint. They also tend to be thicker in consistency and a little harder to apply, drying rather slowly. Though it takes a little longer it is almost always better to use a separate primer and final paint.

Painting Services Sydney

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