How to Get Clean Painted Walls

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New interior paintwork is enough to make a room look great. This new look can be ruined by any stains or marks on the wall. If we can clean these marks off the wall we go a long way to keeping the interior walls looking almost new.
There are a variety of things that can stain and compromise interior walls. Anybody who has tried to clean bare walls near a kitchen stove will testify to the amount of cooking grease that accumulates over the years. Other rooms suffer from soap scum (the bathroom) or crayons (children’s bedrooms). These all require some serious cleaning methods.

Baking Soda and Vinegar
This produces a foam that gets rid of many stains and marks, especially good for grease and sticky spots. Be sure to re-wash the area with clean water afterwards.
Baking soda on its own or with a little water, is mildy abrasive, so it will often remove crayon or other stains. You may need to scrub.
Magic Eraser
Melamine, also called a magic eraser, is a mildly abrasive foam that can be used to remove many stains.
Hand Sanitizer
Pen marks, ink stains and even permanent marker can often be removed with hand sanitizer. Apply the sanitizer to the stain and let is sit for 30 seconds, then wipe with a sponge. you may need to repeat this a few times.
This is a citrus based cleaner available at hardware stores. It can clean many stubborn stains on hard surfaces. This is often the best thing for grease.

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The type of paint finish will affect how the wall resists stains. Glossy paint, which is not really in fashion, tended to be fairly stain resistant; grease just wiped off. Matt finish paint tended to stain, even as most people preferred the look of Matt paint.
Modern eggshell paint finish has a similar appearance to Matt paint, but has similar stain resistant properties to glossy paint. This looks to be the best option for interior paint.

Painting Services Sydney

We can advise on the best paint finish for you home, which lets you keep the new look much longer.

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