Some Repairs When Painting

Painting Services Sydney

Painting Services Sydney

When we repaint a room we often find that there is some need to make a few small repairs to wall plaster or window sills. This is needed if we are to get the best paint results. We cannot get good results if there are dent in a wall, or if the window sill is missing some wood. So we do these repairs first, and then set about getting the best painting results.

Walls and Plaster

Gyprock wall will suffer from the occasional dent, crack or hole. This is not too difficult to correct if we know the right method. And once we paint over the repaired area the former damage becomes invisible.

Small Repairs
For a small hole we can fill the damaged space with plaster. This is available from hardware stores. Fill the hole and use a putty knife that is wider than the hole to smooth the plaster out so that it is flat and flush with the surrounding wall. When the plaster is completely dry, use a sanding block to smooth the surface so it is exactly flat with the wall.
Then use two coats of primer over the repair. When the primer is dry we can repaint the wall.

Larger Hole Repairs.
If the hole in the wall is too large there is another for the plaster to stick to. Instead, use a piece of gyprock cut to size to fill the space. Fit this in place with Adaldite or a similar adhesive. Make sure it is slightly lower than the surrounding wall.

Once the gyprock piece is set in place, plaster over the area. Then smooth out the results with a putty knife. Then sand flat when it is dry.

Paint the section with primer (two coats). Repaint the wall when the primer is dry.

Window Sills.

Small crack or holes in window sill can be filled with plaster, using the same process as the gyprock wall.

Larger damage to windowsill require a section of the wood to be replaced. Cut a piece of timber to size, and attach it with Adaldite. Make sure the replacement piece of wood does not move as it sets.

If there are any gaps, fill them with plaster and sand the area smooth. Then cover with two coats of primer before repainting.

Painting Services Sydney

Repainting, perhaps with a few wall repairs, can make a room look as good as new. Have the best look for your home or office with professional repainting.

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