Can We Repaint Over Old Paint?

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We would think that repainting over a wall would be simple, just redoing something that we have already done before. But we forget how much effort it took the first time around. And perhaps don’t realise that repainting takes a trick or two. It is all the more complex if we are making changes, with a different colour or a different type of paint.

Same Colour Paint as Before

This is the simplest option. If we use the same type of paint as before (oil based paint on oil based paint) We won’t need to apply a primer. We can just clean the wall with some sugar soap and repaint.

Make sure to use all the proper techniques. Use tape to give neat edges.

Same Colour Paint on a Damaged Wall.

Most walls have suffered a dent or two. Fill any holes or dents with Spackle, Filler or plaster (available at warehouses). Then add a coat of primer so the final surface is even. This prevents the repairs form showing through.
A primer that is tinted to be like the final colour is a good option.

New Oil based Paint on an Old Latex Painted Wall

Oil based paint will not adhere very well if there is latex paint already on the wall. So you will need at least one layer of primer.

Perform any repairs on the wall first, filing any holes or dents.
The clean the walls with sugar soap and paint with the primer.

New Colour Paint

If you are going for a completely new colour on the wall then a coat of primer is strongly recommended. Otherwise, the new paint will not completely cover the old colour and the result will be compromised. If the new shade is similar you can probably get away without using primer. Likewise, a dark new colour will probably cover an older lighter colour. But a light new colour on a dark wall will look disappointing.

Repair the wall by filling any holes and dents, clean the surface, then add a coat of primer. Tinted primer, similar to the final colour, is recommended.

House Painting Sydney

Repainting the home can make the world of difference. But there are some tricks to repainting. Call the professionals.

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