Can we use Sanding to Remove Paint?

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When we repaint a surface we may need to either remove the previous paint, or prepare the surface for the new type of paint. Sometimes, if we are using something similar to the previous paint, we just need to thoroughly clean the surface. At other times we need to prepare the surface, or apply a primer. Sometime we need to remove the old paint and strip it all back to the bare material.


If we are painting Gyprock (the plaster on most interior walls) we can leave the previous paint in place. But if we are painting timber on window frames or doors we may need to sand the old paint off.

Manual sanding using sandpaper and a sanding block is effective, but time-consuming; and it tales a lot of effort. This is usually only done on small items.

Electric sanding is often used on larger timber objects. There are various types of sander which are suitable for different situations.

Detail Sanders
These are small hand held sanders, about the size of a cloths iron. They work well for small areas, and can do rounded edges as well as small flat areas.

If we want to repaint a window sill that has cracked paint we can use a detail sander to prepare the surface. Use a breathing mask to avoid inhaling the dust from the sanding, though some modern sanders have a vacuum function that reduces this dust. But be sure to thoroughly dust the area before repainting.

Start by using a rough sanding pad to remove the paint, say about 80 grit. Then use a fine sander to smooth the surface, perhaps 120 grit. The surface should be slightly rough to allow the paint to properly adhere.

Orbital Sanders

These are available in several sizes. A medium size orbital sander, one that can be hold in two hands, is fine for a flat door or a table surface. Start with coarse sandpaper (80 grit), and use fine sandpaper (120 grit) for a moderately smooth finish.

Orbital sanders will help keep the surface flat, But they are not really suitable for curves or rounded edges. Use a detail sander for curves or fine work.

Larger orbital sanders are used for floors. These might be used by a painter if the floor is to be painted, but this is quite rare.

Liquid Sandpaper

This is a chemical treatment used for detailed surfaces, like carvings. It is quite toxic, as many chemicals often are, so it is only used when there is no other option. It might be used for railings or ornate woodwork.

Painting Services Sydney

Proper preparation ensures the best possible results when painting. Use professional services for the best paint finish.

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