How To Paint and Renovate

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Re-painting is often a part of renovating a room. This make a huge difference to a room’s appearance, and often it is the only change required for some situations. But we might like to add to this change by altering other elements of the room. Often a few small changes make all the difference.

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Changing the colour of the walls is the most frequent paint work. But we can also change the paint on windowsills, cupboards, doors, stairs and railings. Matching this type of paintwork to the new wall colour can be very effective; colours can match, the trim being a darker shade than the walls, or the colours can be complementary, perhaps cream walls with dark brown trim.

It is always possible to do something fancy with the walls, more than just a solid colour. We can use rage techniques to give a pattern to the walls, which adds a lot of depth. Or we might give it a wood grain finish.

Other additions.

Tiles will change the look of a room, and are very effective when matched to the wall colour. Traditional tiles are rather expensive, but inexpensive adhesive tiles can be used on wall or cupboards, perhaps just as trim on the edges. These can be put in place in just an hour or two.

Curtains or blinds are inexpensive, yet they greatly affect the look of the room. This is especially effective if the walls are plain as the curtains can add colour. It is also quite easy to have different curtains for summer and winter.

Lighting can be easily underestimated; it has a huge impact on the look of a room. Add a few lights to make a room feel more open. Choose between natural sunshine lighting or warm candle tints. Some modern lights allow both options.

Floors may be expensive to re carpet or re-tile. But we can easily add a rug, or cover the floor with foam tiles, which are inexpensive.

Plants can look good in most rooms, they add an organic feel, and help keep the air clean. Make sure the floor beneath the plant is protected.

Of course furniture is very much part of a room. Changing the furniture is often part of renovation. If new furniture is not part of the budget then consider refinishing, repainting or recovering the existing furniture. Or give some secondhand furniture a makeover.

Paintings, posters or any wall hangings can spruce up a bare space. But keep it to a minimum, as too much detail makes a room look cluttered. Perhaps one decoration per wall – just find the right wall hanging for that particular space.

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Renovations need not be too expensive. Repainting can be enough to transform a room. Then just add some tasteful decor.

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