Painting Services Sydney -How to Avoid Dust?

Painting Services Sydney

Painting Services Sydney

Dust is ubiquitous, and it can easily ruin a paint job. Every paint technique has some way to remove as much dust as possible. Professional spray painters often have a dust free room with vacuum extraction fans. Home interior painters must use other methods to get rid of dust.

While it is quite possible to paint over dust, the results will always be badly compromised. At the very least the paint will have a rough surface. In some cases the paint will not even bond to the wall surface, and soon flake off. This ruins all the effort we put into the painting. A little basic preparation would avoid this and achieve a much better paint finish.

Removing Dust – Painting Services Sydney

1 – Vacuum the walls with a soft brush attachment. Cover every inch of the surface as the dust is often hard to see. Do this just prior to applying the undercoat.

2 – Wipe down the walls with a microfiber cloth. Again, cover every part of the walls. These microfiber cloths are great for removing so much dust and grim off surfaces, and even remove bacteria.

3 – Wash the walls with mild dish soap and cool water. Use a rag or microfiber cloth that is only mildly damp. Then rewash with water only. You will be surprised at how dirty the water gets. This is the dirt that was on the walls.

4 – Vacuum the floor and ceiling, as dust here will move through the air and get on the walls.

5 – Use sugar soap to wash the walls. This removes grime and grease. If there are any sections that appear greasy, perhaps behind a stove, then use a solvent like De-Solve-It to clean this spaces.

6 – Use a fan pointing out the door to help expel dust in the air.

7 – Clean any air dust of ceiling fans. These are notorious for holding dust.

8 – If you have a hard floor in the room, like concrete or tiles, then wetting the floor will help keep dust out of the air.

9 – If you cannot wet the floor, use canvas sheets to cover the floor surface. Make sure these are super clean.

10 – Wear clean overalls when painting. Disposable overalls are a good option.

Apply the undercoat only when the walls are completely dry.

Painting Services Sydney

Meticulous preparation, including dusting and cleaning, makes for a better paint result. Use professional painters for the best interior painting.

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