Disposal and Recycling with House Painting Sydney

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Professional House Painters Sydney

The paint contains chemicals, such as solvents, that are harmful to the environment. There are also harsh chemicals in the cleaning fluids, thinners, and other liquids used before and after painting. These items, as well as the packaging they come in, should be recycled or disposed of accordingly.

House Painting Sydney – Old Paint

If you have paint leftover when the room is complete you should keep it for future use. Transfer the remaining paint to a small glass container. Use the smallest glass container possible because the less air with the paint the better. This remaining paint can be used if the wall is stained or damaged.

The empty paint containers will always have some paint left in them. These should be taken to a paint disposal facility. There is a paint disposal/recycle centre in most suburbs. Google ‘paint back’ or ‘paint disposal’ to find the nearest local facility. Many Hardware stores will accept recycled/disposed paint tin, or direct you to the appropriate place.

House Painting Sydney – Materials

Some paint supplies come in polystyrene, as do many home furnishings. Additionally, items like paint trays and some brush handles are made of (not expanded) polystyrene. These can be recycled. Look for a centre that specialises in this type of recycling.

If you have made major renovations and need to dispose of plaster, Gyprock, timber, and brick, then hire a skip bin for a day after you have completed the project. Some local councils allow a household a once or twice a year collection for this type of material.

Professional House Painters Sydney

Professional painters in Sydney get the best results, and look after the whole project, from planning to clean up and material disposal.

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