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Many older homes’ interiors have their skirting boards and window frames painted in a neutral colour. Other homes have stained wood on this trim. Either option is fine; it is a matter of personal taste. What can be an issue is if we have renovations or extensions, and find that some rooms have a different finish to others. We might want all of the window frames and skirting boards to match.

Woodgrain Interior Painting Sydney

It is a simple matter to paint bare wood, so bare skirting boards can be painted to match the rest of the home. But what if we want the painted skirting board and trim to look like bare wood? We could sand it back, but this is messy and takes time. Another option is to paint the surface to look like wood.

Woodgrain is a semi-random pattern, usually using two shades of brown, though tan, off-white and dark yellow are sometimes used. We can get an effective wood grain finish by combining two of more of these colours and using a graining tool to provide create the wood grain pattern.

1 – Sand smooth the surface to be painted, and remove any dust.
2 – Apply the appropriate undercoat, if necessary, and let it dry.
3 – Decide if you want the wood grain pattern to be a dark pattern on a light colour, or a light pattern on a dark colour.
4 – Apply the first colour paint and let it dry. This paint can be slightly uneven as any unevenness adds to the wood grain pattern.
5 – Once the first layer of paint is completely dry, add the second colour. While the second layer is still wet, use a graining tool across the surface to create the wood grain pattern. Tilt the tool back and forth and rock slightly to the side so the pattern is slightly irregular.
6 – Wait till the paint is dry.

For large sections of timber is might be best to do the second layer and graining process in small sections; we do not want the paint to dry before we start the graining process.

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