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Preparing for Exterior Painting Services Sydney

In the summer months it can be a good time to repaint the home’s exterior. The warmer, dry weather means the paint will adhere and set quickly and properly, though we would want to check the weather forecast to make sure that the weather really will be clear and warm. We want to avoid painting in cold damp conditions, or in weather that is too hot.

There are a few tasks to do before we start exterior painting.

1 – Cleaning – This is hardly a fun job, but it is necessary because paint will look terrible on an unclean surface. If the walls have grease or oil on them the paint will not set. If there is dirt or even dust on the wall surface the paint will be gritty, and therefore unattractive. This may mean we will be forced to repaint all over again.

Warm soapy water and an sponge will clean most of the exterior walls. A scrubbing brush might be needed on the more stubborn areas. If you have mould, and this happens even on the best of homes, the use bleach followed by more scrubbing.

High pressure cleaning will remove most dirt, dust and grim from exterior walls.

2 – Sanding and repair – It is rare for a house not to have at least some external damage. Carefully look for cracks, dents screw holes or anything on the wall surface that is less than flat and smooth. Fill these with putty, builders bog or a filling compound.
Once all the repairs are done, sand the surface flat. It is worth sanding the whole exterior wall lightly. This provides a better surface for the paint to bond to.

3 – Primer – This is essential for painting a new timber surface, and highly recommended to any repainting, especially when changing the paint colour. Primer allows the new paint to bond well, and hides the surface (including the old paint colour) below. This will prevent any repairs from showing through.

The Right Material for Painting Services Sydney

Exterior paint is very different from interior paint. It is designed to withstand the harsh sunlight and provide a fair amount of waterproofing for the timber walls. Interior paint cannot do this. It would fail after just a few months.

Professional painters have the equipment, the ladder and extension poles for hard to reach heights, the power sanders, the pressure cleaners, to achieve the best results.

Exterior Painting Services Sydney

We are the professionals for house painting Sydney wide. From preparation to painting to clean up, we cover the entire task.

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