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The Basics of House Painting Sydney


Plan your painting project. Consider what the room is being used for. How much natural light reaches the room during the morning, and afternoon? What type of electric lighting will you add? Do you want a bold or neutral look? What will the furnishings be? All these elements must be considered for a paint result that complements everything.

Sheen  House Painting Sydney

There are a few different paint sheen (finishes).

Gloss  This is shiny, and easier to clean, but it shows the imperfections in the wall. It is very rarely used internally except in kitchens areas prone to built up grease.

Low sheen  This has a 5-10% gloss level. It is a good option for interior walls.

Matt Finish  this is also popular for interiors. It has a pleasant smooth but chalky feel, and reflects light in a soft manner. It hides small imperfections quite well.

Eggshell  This is similar to Matt finish paint, but it also resists staining, so it is easier to wipe clean.

Paint that washes away in water will prove much easier to clean.

Prepare for the House Painting Sydney

 Clear the room of furnishings as much as possible. If anything is too large to remove, cover it with a tarp.
 Taps up any light fittings or tricky edges.
 Remove any hooks or hanging on the wall.
 Fill any gaps, cracks or holes with plaster or a filling compound. Then sand flat when dry.
 Make sure there is no water damage, which can occur at the ceiling or near any plumbing.
 Wash the entire wall surface with sugar soap. This removes grease and oil, so the paint will bond well with the surface.

Internal House Painting Sydney

 If you need to paint the ceiling, do this first. It will need the same cleaning and repair as listed above.
 Do the edges of the surfaces first, using a small brush. Wait till this is dry.
 Use a roller to paint the main section of the wall. A thin nap (depth of the material) roller will give a smoother finish, but with matt paint the difference is negligible. A thick nap will hold more paint.
 Paint a small section, about a meter square, on the wall in a zigzag manner, then more to the next section of about the same size.
 Clean the brushes and roller as soon as you have finished. If you wrap a brush in plastic glad wrap and leave it in a fridge it will prevent the paint from drying out. You can so this to the brush while using the roller.

House Painting Sydney

Painting can transform any room. It is the least expensive way to renovate. Get you painting done by professionals.

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