The Pleasant Background Colour

The Pleasant Background Colour

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We might spend a lot of time getting all the small details right when painting, making sure the edges and trim are immaculate. But of course all this is wasted if we don’t get the basic colour scheme right.
Pale Blue
This goes well with white trim and white furniture. It has a sunny and open feel, especially if set with a pale yellow ceiling.
Off White
This goes well with a rustic décor, nice earthy colours with open grain wood and pottery.
White Room
An almost all white deco can look very chic, at least with some open windows for light. Add a little colour with some flowers in a vase.
A mellow but cheery colour, which goes well with clean woodwork and simple geometric textures on floors and rugs.
Perhaps the most underused home décor colour, this is very open and cheery. It goes well with white trim and perhaps a touch of another (any) pascal colour.
Lite Yellow
A very soothing tone that can have a lot of light details added in the way of ornamented furniture. Off white and grey furniture works well. And perhaps a touch of purple.

Professional House Painters Sydney
Before we choose a colour scheme we might ask ourselves what mood we want for the room. Then we can find the colour scheme that sets this mood.
We might also ask how much detail we want to add to the room, because the right colour can mean the difference between a detailed room that feels too crowded and a room where the details look good. Neutral colour may lend itself to added details.
Get advice from the professionals about the best colour scheme, and enjoy the results.

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