Spray Painting Services Sydney

painting services sydney

Spray Painting Services Sydney

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Spray painting services are not usually used for home interior walls, but many small items, like furniture, railings, shelves, musical instruments or decorations, are quite suitable for spray work. With some basic skills and preparation spray painting can yield very good results.
Professionals will use air guns and a compressor when spray painting, but this is seriously expensive equipment usually reserved for serious projects like cars or some modern artworks. Most home spray painting uses aerosol spray cans.
Spray painting will work on almost any surface as long as that surface is properly prepared. Wood, metal, plastic, and ceramics can all be painted if the appropriate primer is used.

Spray Painting Services Sydney
• Spray paint will give off fumes, even more so than any other paint. So either choose a well ventilated area or use a face mask. If possible take any objects outside when you paint them.
• Any surface to be painted needs to be washed or wiped down to remove all grease. Detergent on a rag will clean most surfaces. Use acetone or a citrus cleaner (De-solve-It) on any stubborn grease.
• Some surfaces will adhere to the paint far better is slightly roughened with sand paper. Shiny surfaces can be problematic, but it depends on the undercoat.
• Cover any surfaces that are not to be painted with masking tape, or newspaper secured with masking tape.
• Use the right type of primer on the surface. Make sure to shake the can sufficiently before using; this will take a full minute.
• Use light coats of primer. Spray in short bursts. Cover the whole surface.
• Wait for the primer to dry. This may take some time, look at the instructions on the can.
• Spray the final paint. This may take a few coats to get the complete coverage.
• Spray the object in short bursts. Make several light passes, with about 30% overlap on each pass. Never spray thick layers, they will drip and look terrible.
• Give a second and perhaps third coat when the first paint coat is completely dry. Check the drying time on the instructions. It is better to wait longer if in doubt.
• A clear gloss finish is good if the spray paint is matt finish.

Remember to clear the spray can nozzle after painting by holding the can upside-down and spraying till only air comes out.

Interior Painting Sydney
Spray painting is only really suitable for DIY projects. If you want your home interior or exterior repainted it is best to call professionals for such a large project. This means you can be certain of the best results.

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