Removing Paint on Glass

Removing Paint on Glass
Removing Paint on Glass

Removing Paint on Glass

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We can sometimes end up with the unfortunate situation where paint gets on windows. We can avoid this by covering windows before painting. And we might also make thing easy on ourselves by removing any wet paint before it has a chance to dry. But if we don’t notice the paint till later on we will need to use a few tricks to remove dry paint on glass.

Water and a sharp edge.
• Make a small container of warm soapy water
• Uses a sponge or cloth to apply the soapy water to the paint marks.
• When the paint softens, try scrapping it with a razor blade. Hole the blade at a 45 degree angle to the glass. Suitable razor blades in a holder are available at hardware stores.
• Some thick gloves (gardening gloves) will protect your hands from the razor.
• Use some window cleaner once the paint is removed.

Vinegar and a rag
• Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands
• Boils some vinegar and water. A few tablespoons of vinegar in a small bowl is sufficient. Wait till this cools.
• Use a rag to apply the not-to-hot vinegar solution to the paint stain, and then rub.
• Use some window cleaner once the paint is removed.

Strong solvents.
• Try rubbing alcohol on a rag to remove paint. This may take several attempts
• Try acetone on a rag. This is strong, but as it is the main ingredient in nail polish remover a brief exposure on your skin is not a problem. Avoid any contact with your eyes.
Always ventilate the room when using solvents, as fumes can be quite toxic.

A hairdryer of a heat gun can soften paint. But the glass must be heated slowly lest it breaks from the sudden temperature change.

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