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Strata apartment complexes are a mixture of private and public dwellings. Many people prefer this type of communal living, a mixture of personal and shared space. But all this shared public space must be looked after, a responsibility that falls to the strata owners and the staff rather than any individual tenants. The décor of the shared public space and strata painting is an important aspect of the communal facilities.

The upkeep of communal areas in strata buildings must satisfy all of the strata tenants. This means both a pleasing décor and regular upkeep. Most tenants are content with neat communal spaces, but some tenants may be quite particular about these communal areas.

Strata buildings may have communal dining areas, recreation rooms, car parks, several stairways, and perhaps outdoor areas that include BBQs and gazebos. These are in continual use, and a large number of residents in the building will cause wear over any period of time. General facilities such as these will need painting, upkeep, and cleaning more often than private facilities.

Professional Strata painters in Sydney will keep communal facilities in pristine condition. This keeps residents content and adds to the perceived real estate value and appeal of the strata complex.

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The owners of individual apartments/units in strata buildings are usually free to alter their own space as they see fit, so long as this does not cause any disruption to other tenants. What is easily overlooked is the impact that renovations may have. Neighbours can be disrupted by building renovations, the noise, the removal of materials. This limits what can be done, or at least the time of day in which renovations can be carried out.
Our painters can modify your private apartment within your schedule. Neighbours will hardly notice the work going on, but you will have pleasing results in the best time frame available.

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It makes sense to use professionals for painting. The results will be the highest possible standard, and there will be no disruption or time delays. This is especially important for Strata Painting.

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