Choosing Interior Paint Colours

Interior Painting Sydney

Interior Painting Sydney

We should plan any home decor well in advance. With any type of design work artistic or practical, all the individual pieces have to fit together. We want to make sure all the individual pieces add up to give the correct overall impression. In the end we will see this over all impression rather than the individual components.

The paint work is one of the more permanent aspects of decor. The floors and carpet are more permanent. Paint is semi-permanent by comparison. But paint is still a long term choice, and we should decide on the paint colour that suit the decor we have in mind. For it is harder to change the paint than it is to change most of the other elements in the room.

  • Don’t choose the paint colour first, at least not in isolation. Think of the room decor that you want, and look at the colour(s) that works for this.
  • Look at design sites online. they don’t even have to be home decor sites. Anything that strikes a chord with you might inspire a decor idea. Look at Pinterest, IKEA catalogs, romantic paintings, Sci-Fi and fantasy images.
  • Neutral colours can give a lot of flexibility if you want to change the decor. If you intend to decorate the wall it is best not to have a paint scheme that dominates and detracts for the decorations. Alternately, a space room might look good in a vivid colour.
  • But just sticking with neutral colours looks bland. You need some other colour, or some other design details, to offset the neutral tones.
  • If it’s a children’s room you can go a little overboard with colour. Children like bright, bold colours, and adults will accept them in a child’s bedroom.
  • If its a bathroom you will have to combine paint colour with wall and floor tiles. Go with something that says ‘clean’. White with any colour trim, Blue, red even black, can work well in bathrooms. Either combine fancy tiles with plain walls, or vivid walls with plain tiles. Too much detail on both will make the room feel crowded.
  • Light make all the difference. Natural light makes a room feel open. But warm candle can also work very well for some situations. ask how the paint and decor will look in different light. You can buy different light globes to give a different look to a room.
  • Ceilings are traditionally white. But creme can also work well. Children’s rooms sometimes use sky blue or bright yellow to good effect.
  • Consider using colour sparingly. White with bright trim will work in many situations. The trim on the windows, door and skirting boards can be anything from rich wood to vivid primary colours.
  • Matching everything in a room can look monotonous, as well as obvious and unimaginative. There is an art to combining colours, and no hard and fast rules. Try all sorts of options till you find the ideas that work for you.
  • Photoshop on a computer can be useful. take a photo of a room and use Photoshop to change the colours in the photo. this will give a reasonable(but not perfect) estimate of how different colour combinations might work.
  • Remember that the rooms in your home are not completely isolated. It might look odd if the different room have starkly contrasting designs. Having all rooms look the same will seem monotonous. Moderate contrast is best. The rooms should be different, but still work together.
  • The paint finish makes a significant difference. Eggshell (which is similar to matt) is popular because it softly reflects light, and is reasonably easy to clean. But bright glossy or satin will work in a few colour decor designs.
  • It is well known that light colours make a room feel bigger. Mirrors and open windows are also good for this. But light colours need some contrast if we are to avoid a sterile look. It is possible to paint the window wall dark and still have a room that feels open.
  • Accent walls (AKA: feature walls) were popular until recently. But they won’t go completely out of style because there is a lot of flexibility here. Basically this is a strong looking wall in an otherwise plain decor room. It can be anything from a wall with a brick fireplace to a wall with a bold colour. Murals, tiles, large decals, or photo-realistic outdoor images also work well. This is an image that will define the room. Do not let the rest of the room detract from this.

House Painting Sydney

We spend a lot of time in our homes. Make your home a place you want to be by considering the decor.
Talk to use about the paint scheme, one of the first elements of any home decor.

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