Greebling and Colour

House Painting Sydney

House Painting Sydney

We like or dislike the look of a room decor by intuition. We don’t calculate and analyse before we decide if we like something, we just get an impression. Of course we might latter try to understand why we prefer one decor to another. But this can be tricky and debatable. But there are a few factors that are agreed upon.

Colours in an attractive room will have some coordination. random colours rarely look good. Complementary colours are often a good starting point, colours that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Clashing colours can occasionally work too, if that is the look we are going for. Basically our brain need to see some pattern, and feels comfortable if we find one.

One of the main colour elements in a room is the wall colour. The floor is also important. But we must also look at the other element in a room, the curtains, the furniture, if we are to get the right overall effect. When we decide on the paint fro a room we must look at how this will work when the room is furnished.

Another factor for any room decor is the detail. This is a matter of balance. An empty room will almost always look sterile. As will a room with a very plain colour scheme. By contrast, a room that is all details can often look overcrowded. Our perception likes an overall pattern, with the details all contributing to the overall effect.

If we intend to have a sparsely furnished room we might like to add details to the wall. This can work well if it is done in the right way, usually with some constraint. Light detail on the walls, by using a rag to create texture, can be very effective. Consider a light brown with drab yellow to give an Autumn feel. Or blue and white to give ‘clouds on a sunny day’ feel. A stone marble look is another idea.

Another way to add details to walls is to have a small symbol, geometric patterns, a heart, a silhouette of flying birds, repeated in a some manner. This is very modern looking and effective for children’s bedrooms. If the room is to have a theme when it is furnished then the pattern on the walls should be part of this theme.

House Painting Sydney

Consider how you want your home interior to look, and we”ll consult so that you can get the results you always wanted.

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