How to Spray Paint

Painting Services Sydney

Painting Services Sydney

Spray painting is a useful technique for many home DIY enthusiasts. It is not used on interior walls, but it is convenient for small items, railing, furniture, and many other objects around the house. Spraying paint in a can is a simple procedure and requires minimal preparation and cleanup. One advantage is the result will have no brush or roller strokes.

Spray Paint Technique.

Most wood, metal, and plastic surfaces can be painted. Exceptions are aluminum and greasy plastic. Sometimes a primer is needed. Read the instructions in the can to see what applies to the surface you are painting. If in doubt, use a primer.

1- Make sure the surface to be painted is clean. Remove all grease.
2- Find a dust-free area for the painting, preferably outside. It should be free from any breeze.
3- Shake the spray can for a full minute before use.
4- Spray the item from a distance at least 20cm. If the paint can is any closer it will cause the paint to bubble.
5- Use a short burst of paint, in a back and forth movement. Put on a very light coat of paint.
6- When the first coat of paint is touch-dry, put on a second thin coat. Repeat this until the whole surface is covered.

Consider the possibility of a glossy clear coat on matt paint if you want a glossy paint finish.

Air compressor Spray Painting.

Professional spray equipment, using an air compressor and a paint gun, is a versatile option; there are many types of paint that can be used with this equipment, so we can paint anything from cars to concrete walls. The only issue is that a decent compressor and air gun are expensive.

A modern alternative is Electrical spray guns. These are moderate in price and work in a similar manner to the compressor system.

Spray painting requires the paint to be diluted. Usually, the paint is diluted 2 part paint to one part thinner, perhaps up to one part paint to one part thinner.

Always use a breathing mask when spray painting.

Painting Services Sydney

Painting is the finishing touch on your home. The right colour scheme can really bring the pace to its potential. Call us for the professional touch.

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