How to Deal With Mould

Professional House Painters Sydney

Professional House Painters Sydney

Mould on the walls and ceiling is a serious problem. When we are exposed to this mould for any period of time our immune systems are compromised, and we suffer poor physical and mental health. Symptoms include constant tiredness, breathing problems and itchy eyes. We also have trouble with concentration and memory. This situation is worse for asthmatics and withe anybody who has an allergy to mould, which is about 20% of the population.

So it makes sense to prevent and get rid of any mould in our homes or offices.

Mould can be removed, but it takes more than just cleaning. Mould is resilient, so it keeps coming back unless it is completely destroyed.

Mould will tend to grow in areas that have moisture. This might come from leaking plumbing, or a leak in the roof. More often it comes from humid conditions, such as found in a bathroom or a room with a steam humidifier. If there is leaky plumbing this must be fixed before anything else is done. If the air is humid then ventilation, perhaps with an extractor fan, will go a long way towards fixing the problem.

Remove mould:
– Spray the infected area with bleach, wait an hour, then scrub it down with a stiff brush.
– Then spray the area with white vinegar, wait an hour and scrub the area with a stiff brush.
– Spray the area with clove oil and water. One tablespoon of clove oil in a litre of water is about the right combination. Leave this on overnight, then wash clean. This kills the spores that led to mould.
– Repaint the area with anti-mould paint. Or add an anti-mould additive to normal house paint.

Diluted hydrogen peroxide can also be used to kill mould. Spray, leave for an hour and scrub clean.

Always use rubber gloves and a face mask when cleaning mould.

Mould may follow a pattern on the walls in the shape of the wooden frame behind the wall. This is because of the temperature difference between the wall surface in front of the frame and the wall surface that is front of a hollow space. This pattern does not necessarily mean that there is a water leak or moisture problem in the wall, it is just the condensation of the air.

Professional House Painters Sydney

We don’t want our neat paint job to be ruined by mould. Look at preventative measures and anti-mould paint for bathroom and trouble areas.

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