Why Are Bathrooms Different?

Bathrooms - Interior Painting Sydney

Bathrooms – Interior Painting Sydney

Some rooms of the home, like bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and rooms with spas, are subjected to constant moisture in the air. They also tend to be exposed to soap scum, detergents and some occasional grease. To prevent problems we should paint the walls of the rooms in a manner that helps prevent stains and resists moisture damage.

Most other rooms in the home are best painted with a matt finish. People usually like matt paint because it reflects light in a pleasant manner and covers some imperfections in the surface of the wall. But bathrooms are different, and best painted with gloss or semi-gloss finish. This is better because gloss paint will not absorb moisture, and the lack of absorption means it is less likely be stained.

The really wet areas of a bathroom, like the shower recess, need to be tiled. No paint will stand these extremely wet conditions. So bathrooms end up a combination of tiles and painted surfaces. This is fine, as long as the paint and tiles are colours matched.

There are many ways to pick suitable tile and paint combinations. One principle for finding good combinations is to find contrasts. If the tiles are patterned then the paint should be plain. Or we might have bold paint with plain white tiles. As long as we don’t have both tiles and walls being plain, because this looks sterile. Nor should we have detailed tiles and walls, because this looks overcrowded. Have some neat detail, and a plain background.


Blue is popular for bathroom. Blue tiles and white walls look clean and bright. White tiles and blue walls can also work. Match any curtains and bathmats to suit this colour scheme.

Pink and white work well for modern bathrooms. Black and white is also effective.

Mould and Paint.

Mould can be a problem in bathrooms. It is easy to clean off tiles, but not paint. We suggest anti-mould paint if you fear that mould might be an issue. And extractor fan that removes moisture can often be enough to prevent mould on walls.

Bathrooms – Interior Painting Sydney

If we approach bathroom painting a little differently we can get great results that last for years.

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