When to Use a Microfibre Paint Roller?

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Microfibre technology was a quiet revolution in the early 1990s. Cleaning products like mops and cloths could clean most hard surfaces without detergent. And microfibre paint tools proved useful for some situations.

Microfibre rollers and paint brushes didn’t replace conventional rollers and brushes. Rather, they were used for some more specialised situations. It is important to know when a microfibre roller of brush offers an advantage.

What Are Microfibre Rollers?

Microfibres are extremely fine, about 1/5th the thickness of a human hair, so about one denier. This extreme thinness makes the cloth very soft and very smooth.
Microfibre rollers are like a normal roller, except that they have a top layer of microfibres. This top layer is affixed with heat, so it is durable, and the fibres will very rarely become detached from the roller. This prevents fibres getting stuck in the paint.

A great advantage of microfibre is that it will not scratch surfaces. But we must be careful to make sure no grit gets caught in the fibre surface, because this grit will cause scratches.

Microfibre are great at absorbing liquids, especially thicker oil based liquids like paint. So they work well as paint rollers and brushes. They can hold up to 4 times the paint of a regular roller.

The high absorption and non-scratch properties of microfibre means the rollers and brushes leave a very smooth finish.

When to Microfibre Rollers?

If we are using gloss paint the microfibre roller will give a very smooth finish. And the painting can be done a little faster because of how the microfibre holds more paint.

If we use matt paint or eggshell paint then microfibre will work well, allowing the painting to be done quickly by holding more paint. But as these matt/eggshell paints are not shiny so the extra smoothness will make minimal difference. They will, however, give a neater result that is probably a touch smoother than other rollers and brushes.

Do not use microfibre on rough surfaces like brick or cement. These rough surfaces will ruin the microfibre, and will never have a smooth finish.

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