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If we want to repaint a room, or any surface, we may find that we need to remove the old paint. It is rare for the old paint to be in perfect condition. If it was perfect then we wouldn’t need to repaint (or maybe we don’t like the colour).

Sometimes, as on plaster and Gyprock, we can just clean the old paint with sugar soap. Perhaps we might repair some cracks and dents too. Then we repaint over the clean surface. On other occasions we have the unenviable task of removing old paint, along with perhaps dirt and grime, so a surface can be properly painted.

House Painting Sydney – Removing Old Paint

Pressure Wash – This strips paint off external surfaces like wooden homes. It also works on metal and concrete. This requires minimal effort, the pressure does most of the work for you, and there are not chemical to damage the environment. However, there is a slight risk of damaging some wooden surfaces.

Citrus Based Gel – This strips paint off items like wooden furniture. It is also useful for doors and window frames. You leave the gel on for an hour, then remove the paint with a scraper or wire brush. There are no toxic chemicals in this, only a pleasant citrus smell.
There are different citrus cleaners for different surfaces. Check the label.

Hot Vinegar – This is good for spot cleaning. Boil the vinegar and then apply to the spot that needs cleaning. Use a cloth to hold the vinegar in place for 10 minutes or so. The paint should soften and easily scrape off.

Sanding – This is the classic old method. It requires some effort, but works well for larger, flat surfaces. An electric sander can make matters easier, though there is a risk that this might cause the paint to melt and clog up the sandpaper. So go slowly.

Soy Gel Paint Remover – This removes paint from most hard surfaces. Apply the gel and wait for it to soften the paint. Once soft, you have a few hours to remove the paint.
Once the paint is gone you can remove the remaining gel with water.

Hot Water and Baking Soda – This is good for cleaning paint off tools. Heat water in an old pot till it almost (but not quite)boils. Then add the tool to the pot, but don;t let it touch the sides. The paint should soon come off the tool.

Sandblasting – This removes paint from hard surfaces like stone buildings. But it is a professional procedure.

Heat Gun – This is good for removing paint of metal tools. But use tongs and thick gloves to hold the tool as it will get very hot.

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Preparation is vital for repainting. We make sure to get the best results for repainting by thoroughly preparing the surface beforehand.

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