About Cleaning Brushes?

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If we paint the home then we will need to end the project by cleaning a few brushes and rollers. There are ways to clean paint equipment that are effective and environmentally friendly.

Cleaning brushes after painting

Water Based Paints:

1 – Remove as much paint as possible from the brush on scrap wood or old newspapers.

2 – Rinse the paintbrush in water. This should removes almost all of the paint. Do not put the dirty paint water down the drain, unless there is a filter in the drain system. Instead, pour the water on the garden.

Paint spinners – These are simple devices that rapidly spin the brush to remove water and paint. Some paint spinners fit to the end of an electric drill. Others are simple hand turned devices that spin a brush.
Attach the paint brush to the spinner, and hold the devices so the brush is inside a large bucket or plastic tub to catch the liquid.

Natural Paint

This is environmentally friendly paint, and will not cause health problems. It is a little pricey, and hard to find, but available online.
Clean as with water based paint. The residue can be safely put in a drain.

Latex Paint

This is a popular option, and can be cleaned in water. But the cleaning water has chemicals in it, and must be not be disposed of in the drain. Contact the local council on the best way to dispose of the liquid used for cleaning paint.

Oil Based Paint

These need to be cleaned in paint thinner, such as turps or mineral spirits. Do not pour these down the drain. Instead, contact the local council about the correct way to dispose of these strong liquids.

House Painting Sydney

Painting puts the final touch on the home interior or exterior. This can make or break a home’s appearance.

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