What are the Basic Room Colour Options?

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There are many factors in the appearance of a room. Most probably the most important single factor is the colour we paint the interior walls. Most often the rest of the decor is designed around the wall colour. Occasionally the wall colour is chosen to suit the floor. But either way, the colours and elements of the room must all be coherent.

The appearance of a room will affect our mood. This is especially important for our home, because the rooms we live in will affect our mood a lot of the time. So we should choose colours that give us the look and mood that we want to maintain for our lives.

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There are no hard and fast rules for colour. The same colour can have different effect in different contexts. Nonetheless, there are some general patterns.

Light to Medium Blue – This feels like a beach vacation on a sunny day. This can be quite soothing, especially if it is light or sky blue. Blue is a good option for a bedroom.

Red and Orange – These are bold and stimulating. So try these for the kitchen when you wake up in the morning. Or for a dining space or living room. Probably not a good idea for a bedroom as it might keep us awake, though this may not matter when the lights are out.
Some people find one red/orange wall is enough, with the rest of the walls being left white.

Green – This is calm, and reminds us of the outdoors. Good for a bedroom or study.

Pink – Also calm, but with a sense of playfulness and romance.

White – This is sterile on its own, but it does give a sense of space to a crowded or small room. White is fine as a backdrop if we have many knickknacks and painting on the wall. A basic white prevents the decorations from cluttering the room.

Grey – This was once seen as bland, but grey with cream trim, or perhaps some other creative combination, can work well for a bathroom or Sun room.

Yellow – Very bright, perhaps a little too exciting, but a good option for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

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Interior Painting bring out the best in your home. We can consult on the colour decor and deliver the best results.

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