How Do We Paint Staircases?

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Interior Painting Sydney

Most of the areas that we paint in the home are background surfaces. This means walls, ceiling and sometimes floors. A few surfaces are focal paints rather than background surfaces. These are feature walls, fireplaces, or stairwells. We might approuch the painting of backgorunds and Focal points differently.

Staircases are a unique situation. They are functional, but also part of the decor. So we should design and paint them so as to add to the look of the room.

Many indoor staircases consist of wooden stairs and a wooden railing with balstrades. The actual stairs are often stained rather than painted, or given a clear protective coating. But these are forms of painting. Care should be taken that these stairs are not slippery. Carpet on stairs is a good idea if you are worred about slipping

The railing on a staircase usually painted, or sometimes stained. Painting is not too difficult, we just need to find the right colour to suit the rest of the decor.

– Use masking tap and heavy butcher paper to mask the areas around the railing that are not to be painted.

– Use a two inch brush to first paint the railing. Then paint the balstrades. Keep a damp cloth handy to clean up any spills. Do this quickly lest they dry into lumps.

– Use a ladder or low scaffold near the rails in order to reach the rail. Make sure there is someone holding the ladder, because these things are less stable than they appear, esepcailly when you are near the top; the centre of gravity is too high to be completely stable.

– Move the ladder as you paint each rail in succession. Do not reach out too far from the ladder, there is a risk of toppleing over.

– Rail surfaces often contain fine details and odd shapes. So if they need sanding you might use liquid sandpaper. This is a sprays that prepares the surface. Physical sanding of intricate surfaces will take far too long. At the very least clean the surface with sugar soap.

Interior Painting Sydney

There are many surfaces in the home that can be enhanced with painting. Professional’s make walls, ceilings, and stairwells look great.

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