Cost of House Painting Sydney

House Painting Sydney

How much does it cost to paint an average three-bedroom house in Sydney? Well, there is no real average house – they are all different. And the house painting may just mean the interior, or it might include the exterior, which greatly increases the cost. Houses also vary in size, even if they are three-bedroom. So there are a lot of factors that contribute to the cost.

House Painting Sydney-wide could vary from as little as $ 2,500 to $ 35,000.

Exterior House Painting Sydney

Timber homes will be repainted every few years. This is partly for decor, but also because the timber needs the paint to protect it from the weather. The paint used for a building’s exterior is formulated to last in harsh Sunlight and in wet conditions. So it is very different, and also more expensive, than the paint used for the interior.

A homeowner might expect to pay between $4000 and $ 20,000 for the exterior of their home to be painted. Factors to consider are painting at heights and ease of access. A two-story home will require ladders and scaffolding to reach the second story. There are legal and safety requirements here. Heights over two meters cannot use ladders, so scaffolding or other methods are required. This adds to the labour cost of painting.

Another issue is the detail of the home that has to be painted. Fixtures, Balustrades, French windows, and ornamentation are tricky and time-consuming to paint. This also adds to the time and the cost of painting.

It will cost between $ 25,000 and $ 35,000 to paint the exterior of a two-story.

Interior House Painting Sydney

A typical home interior costs around $ 3,800 to paint. This presumes the walls are in good condition and reasonably modern. If the walls are in need of repair the cost will increase. It takes time, money and materials to fill holes dents and cracks in the wall surface. Walls that need cleaning also add to the cost.

Owners need to consider if they want all the details of the interior repainted. The railing of a staircase can be labour-intensive to paint. A room with three flat walls can be done in less time.

Painters will change by the hour and by the amount of paint used. A $55 hourly charge with $25 per litre of paint is normal. A single-bedroom apartment will take about 3 days and 40 litres of paint to be completed. Some painters charge by the day rather than the hour.

Looking for House Painting in Sydney?

House painting can transform the interior or exterior of your home. Call the professionals for the best results.

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