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We are more environmentally conscious today than ever before. Luckily, the progress of technology has meant that environmentally friendly options are improving all the time. This means we have some good options for eco-friendly painting.

There are a few factors to look at for environmentally friendly options. The most salient feature for the homeowner is how the paint affects our health. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) paint has started to become standard in recent years. This is paint that does not release formaldehyde as it dries. Chemicals such as formaldehyde have been shown to be harmful to breathing and health in general. Years ago, people were told to wait a few days before using a recently painted room. Now, we can use a room the very next day, as soon as the paint is dry.

Another environmentally important concern is the pollution created when the paint is manufactured. If there are harsh chemicals used in the paint manufacturing process, there will be some significant environmental impact, even if those harsh chemicals are not in the final product. There is also the matter of energy used in the manufacturing process and the resulting carbon emissions. Environmentally friendly paints can use natural ingredients, and thus avoid pollution in manufacturing.

The last major eco concern is how the paint might later affect the environment. Older lead paints were harmful, as the lead could get into the water supply when the painted surfaces were disposed of. There was also concern with young children eating the paint! Today, virtually all paint is lead-free. Modern paints should have few, if any, harmful effects.

Modern Advantages of Eco Residential Painters Sydney

  • Nil or negligible VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) released by the paint. These chemicals may still be present in new carpets or furniture.
  • Natural materials mean little or no pollution during manufacture.
  • No impact on the environment when the paint is disposed of. We should still take unused paint to the proper disposal outlet, but often the paint is biodegradable.
  • Paints tend to be water-based, so they do not require harsh chemicals for clean-up. • Modern paints are relatively easy to apply, and last quite well. As long as the surface is well prepared, it should be easy to paint.
  • Modern paints, eco or otherwise, can usually be made to order. This means a huge range of colours, and the ability to match new paint to old paintwork.
  • New options, such as chalk paint, are eco-friendly. Older options, such as gloss, matt and eggshell, are now available in eco-friendly options.

Eco-friendly paints are sometimes more expensive to purchase, but they last well, meaning they are less expensive in the long term.

Our Residential Painters Sydney-wide are committed to great painting results for your home. This means the right colour scheme for your taste in interior decor. This means paintwork that resists staining. This means paintwork that lasts longer than other options. And we also encourage the use of environmentally friendly products.

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