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Furniture and House Painting Sydney

There is always a considerable amount of preparation in any house painting project. When we paint interior rooms we have to clean walls, tape over electric sockets, and either cover items of furniture or move them out of the room entirely. Most of this is tedious and finicky rather than difficult (taping the edges that don’t get painted), the exception is moving furniture. This can be heavy work. Bookshelves are awkward and heavy. Other items like piano are nearly impossible to move.

You will have to make a decision about heavy furniture. Considering how dangerous it is to move a large or heavy object, an injured back is very serious, and it might be best to leave big items in place. If the furniture is against a wall, like a bookshelf or a cupboard, it will need to be at least partially removed, so the wall behind can be painted. These large items can be left near the wall and covered with tarps, at least saving us the trouble of trying to move them through the door. It helps to empty the contents of the furniture.

Some Important Advice

– Never compromise safety. If you or anybody else is injured, it is a disaster.
– Work with others to move any furniture
– Use a hand truck or dolly. We can move much heavier items as long as we use lifting equipment. As long as the items balance safely, this is a reliable method. These can be rented for a day from some hardware stores.
– Very heavy items can be moved to the centre of the room, and covered with tarps.
– Disassemble items if possible. Many IKEA furniture items can be disassembled.
– If an item has to be taken downstairs, or in a situation where a trolley cannot be used, then straps that extend from under the heavy item to the forearms of the people doing the carrying will help take the stress off the hands.

House Painting Sydney

Interior Painting is more complex and time-consuming than many realise. Professional painters look after all the details and get the best results.

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