Paint, Colour and Mood for Residential Painting

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The Atmosphere and Residential Painters Sydney

A room will have a certain atmosphere. This is the combined result of all the elements in the room, with perhaps the most important element being the colour of the paint. Hopefully, the atmosphere of the room will be deliberate. Hopefully, choose a colour that gives the mood that we like, and choose the rest of the room decor to match. Otherwise, we might put no thought into the room, and the result will be random, but most likely just a slightly drab mess.

We might just decide on a wall colour for a room, or we might decide on the mood we want, and then choose the colour accordingly. On some occasions, we might already have some room furnishings in mind, and we will choose the wall colour to suit those furnishings. We should keep the mood in mind in all these cases. It is lousy to end up with a room that just feels wrong.

Effect of Colour and Residential Painters Sydney

  • Light Blue – This can be calm, like a clear sunny sky or a day at the beach. In a bedroom, this might help sleep. In a living room, it will just help give a calm effect.
  • Navy Blue – This can be intense and solid, strong with authority. But it can also make the room feel smaller, as dark colours tend to do. Use this on larger rooms, and make sure the room is well-lit as this prevents the feeling of smallness.
  • Pink – This also gives a feeling of calmness, and many see it as feminine and romantic.
  • Light Green – Feels peaceful and relaxing. It reminds some people of the outdoors.
  • Dark Green – This is not often used, but it can give an older vintage look to a room, especially if combined with brown furniture. It has a dark forest vibe.
  • Red – This is bold and stimulating. It can be fine for a living room or a dining area, perhaps a study area that encourages creativity. But it might make a bedroom difficult to sleep in.
  • White – This can be sterile, but with some colour trim on doors and windowsills, it can look very clean and open. This can be a good choice if the room tends to get cluttered.
  • Orange – This has some energy and creativity. Good for a children’s playroom.
  • Yellow – This is a happy sunshine colour.
  • Purple – Is sophisticated when darker, relaxing when lighter.
  • Brown – Is warm and sophisticated, perhaps a little old-fashioned.
  • Grey – Has been rarely used in the past, but it can look professional, like an office building. Grey with plants and artwork can work quite well.

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