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Painting Furnishings and Walls

Most of us realize that when we repaint the interior walls we totally change the look of our home. This can be a fairly inexpensive renovation, yet also very effective. A different coloured wall will give the home a significantly different feel.

We can add to House repainting with new flooring/carpeting, or by adding tiles. Even stick-on tiles prove effective and very cheap. We might also change curtains and tablecloths. And if we have a greater budget we might buy new furniture.

Additions to House Painting

Of course, if we don’t have the budget to replace the furniture we might just repaint the furniture instead. This works for wood and metal chairs and tables, and for plant holders, some bookshelves, and other such items. We can add to this furniture repainting by polishing hinges, replacing handles, adding trim, or changing any part of the furnishings.

  • Latex Paint – This is a good option, with many brands and colors available. It comes in several gloss or matt finishes. Latex paint will be touch dry quite quickly, but perhaps take several days to fully cure. During the curing process, it can be prone to damage. This issue can be reduced if the surface is sanded and a primer is applied before using the latex paint. Glossy latex paint and most Matt finish are easy to wash with soapy water. If it is a bright and glossy colour it will look modern and new.
  • Chalky Paint – This gives a pleasing rustic look to furniture, especially if the surface is pale and slightly worn (distressed). Chalky paint adheres to most surfaces and dries quite quickly.
  • Acrylic Paint – This is similar to Latex, and it is water-based, making clean-up easy. It is easy to use, and fast-drying. For the best results start by priming the surface, and then applying several layers of acrylic paint, waiting for each coat to dry. Acrylic Paint is often sold in small containers. This is fine for small projects. For larger projects, combine the small paint tins in one large container, for far better colour consistency.
  • Oil-based paints – This gives great results on most surfaces, but it can be tricky to apply well. It does not dissolve in water, so it requires turps and other chemicals. This adds to the cost of the already expensive paint. Oil-based paint is perhaps the most durable option. It will take 24 hours to dry, but once it is dry it is fully cured, and tend to last for years if kept indoors.
  • Spray paint – Spray paint works for some surfaces. But do the painting outdoors, and make sure the surface is very clean (oil-free) and dry before starting.

We advise low VOC paint, so there are no fumes produced by the repainted furniture. Or, leave the repainted furniture in a garden shed for at least a week until the fumes have dissipated.

Reliable House Painters in Alexandria

Repainting your interior can completely change the look of your home. This can include banisters, railing, and even furnishings. Our professional painters in Alexandria will be in and out in no time, and your space will have a fresh, new look.

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