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Interior Trim and House Painting Sydney

The interior of any room will have trim on the edges of the wall, where the wall meets the floor, or around the doorway and windows. This trim will suffer more damage and abuse than we realise, being only second to the floor when it comes to scratches and other damage. This damage can compromise the look of the room, even if it is slight. So it can be worthwhile to repair and repaint this trim.

House Painting Sydney – Painting Room Trim

As always, preparation is important.

1 – Decide on the colour you want for the trim. White and crème are common choices, and effective for many rooms. But we can also paint a darker shade of the room’s wall colour. Red trim on a pink room, or dark blue with sky blue walls. Dark brown also works for crème or white walls.
Remember that the colour of curtains or blinds on the windows must be taken into account. The window sill must match the window hangings.

2 – Inspect the trim – If there is damage, it must be fixed well before you paint. Fill any dents or holes. Nail any loose sections to the wall. And fill in the hole where the nail is.

3- Paint primer over any repairs. This makes the final paint look more even.

4 – Lightly sand the old paint, to give a good surface for the new paint to bind to. Use a facemask. You don’t want to breathe in any of the dust from the sanding.

5 – Vacuum up all the dust and residue from the sanding.

6 – Clean the trim with sugar soap, to remove any grease.

7 – Use painter’s tape or masking tape to protect the edges next to the trim, so you don’t accidentally paint any part of the walls.

8 – Paint with a one-inch brush. Remove the masking tape when the paint is almost dry.

We think semi-gloss paint is the best option for trim, but gloss or eggshell might also work, if you believe it suits the general room decor.

House Painting Sydney

Professional painting gets the best look for your home’s interior and exterior. Painting is inexpensive compared to most renovations, but quite effective.

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