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Painting your home interior means dealing with liquid paint, perhaps paint fumes, and possibly some splattered paint. In fact, some paint splatter is to be expected. You will get at least some paint on your clothing, and also on your hands and face if they are not covered. So we strongly recommend protective clothing, and perhaps a mask and goggles.

  • Cloth Overalls – Some households have a set of overalls used for repairing the car, or perhaps for gardening. As long as these overalls are dust and dirt free they will be fine for wearing when you paint.
  • Disposable overalls – These are available for about $10 -$20 at hardware stores or other suppliers. Search online.
    Disposable overalls were originally designed for use with hazardous materials like asbestos, to be discarded after one use. But they are fine for painting and can be used for a few days until the paint job is complete.
  • Gloves – It is awkward to get paint out from under fingernails. So we can protect our hands from paint splatter with basic gloves. Gardening gloves are okay, as long as you can hold the paintbrush.
  • Shoe covers – This is easily overlooked, but good shoes will be all basically ruined if we spill any paint. So either wear some old shoes or buy some disposable shoe coverings. Old rubber boots are a good option.
  • Hat – Paint in your hair is dreadful, so wear a protective hat, and tie back your hair if it is long. An old shower cap can work well. Some people like to use a hard hat.
  • Eyewear – Most home painting will not be an issue for our eyes unless there are strong fumes. We should have airtight goggles if we are doing this type of painting. But if you are worried about normal painting, protective glasses are fine. They will cost a few dollars at the hardware store, but they last for several years.
  • Gas mask – Paint fumes are terrible with some types of spray paint. They can also be quite bad for some more conventional (applied with a brush) paint. We might need to wear a mask for this type of situation. A disposable paper mask is one option. A filtered gas mask is even better.

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