Residential Painters Sydney – Few Myths

Residential Painters Sydney

Miscomceptions about Residential Painters Sydney


A few misconceptions can make the difference between a good result and a disappointing, even unacceptable results. This applies to paintwork and building.


There are a few myths about residential painting. Some of these are ideas that have changed over time; what was true of lead-based paint 50 years ago no longer applies to modern acrylic paint. At other times we believe a myth because it seems like common sense.


The smell of paint – Older paint had a lot of Formaldehyde or other volatile chemicals. This is mostly a thing of the past, at least with house paints. Modern paints are very low in volatile chemicals, but not completely free of these chemicals.
Some people would add peppermint oil to paint to try an neutralise the smell, but this would not work on water or oil based paints. It in no longer an issue with modern paint.


Don’t paint in cold temperatures – This was once true of older paints, they would thicken in cold temperatures and take along time to dry. Modern paints are fine as long as the temperature of the walls isn’t freezing. The paint will take a little longer to dry in cold conditions, but this is only a slight inconvenience.


Primer will cover everything – A half-truth at best. Primer works to prepare the wall for the final paint. It will provide a good bonding surface, allowing the paint to last longer. And it will cover most discolouration. But it will not cover dents, cracks or holes. And it will not cover grease or oil. So we need to sugar clean the walls first.


Interior and exterior paint are the same – Exterior paint is different to interior paint, being formulated to resist fading in the sun and be more waterproof. Use exterior paint outside and interior paint inside; there are very few exceptions.


Colour matching paint – This is a half-truth. Many hardware stores can colour match a sample. But we strongly advise you to stick to the same brand with the original and new paint. If we try to colour match a different manufacture’s paint we get something close, but not quite right. It may be the same colour, but reflect the light differently.


Many coats means not needing a primer – It will be quicker to use one coat of primer and one coat of the final colour. This will give very good results. It takes longer to apply several of the final colour, and there often be issues with the paint not properly bonding to the wall if we don’t have the right type of primer.

Coloured primer is a good option.


Saving paint for later – We might be able to save some left-over paint in a small glass container. But if there is any air with the paint then it will, sooner or later, dry out. If we leave it in the original paint tin we might only get a few months at best.


Residential Painters Sydney

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