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A Common Situation for Residential Painters in Sydney

Interior walls will often be painted more than once. It is quite common to repaint the home interior every 10 years, either to restore the original appearance or to redecorate for a change. This sounds simple enough, just redoing the paint. But the way we approach the painting varies according to the situation. And of course, we want to make sure the workmanship is as good as possible.

When Repainting the Same as Before

If the new paint is the same as the previous paint, and the previous paint is in good condition, we have a reasonably straightforward situation. The walls will need to be cleaned with sugar soap, to remove the oil from fingerprints. But then it is just a simple matter of doing a neat job of repainting.

A factor to watch out for is the type of paint. We cannot use oil paint straight over acrylic paint. Just because they are the same colour does not mean they are the same type of paint.

Repainting to Restore the Appearance

We might have a wall or a room that needs to be restored. We want to keep the same colour, but make it look like new. So before we paint we will need to repair any damage, fill in gaps, cracks, and dents, and thoroughly clean the walls.

There is an annoying tendency for repair work to show through when we repaint; plaster repairs will have a slightly different appearance to the rest of the wall. We can prevent this uneven result by either applying a primer before we repaint or sometimes simply by painting an additional coat over the repaired area. Tinted primer, tinted the same colour as the new paint, is a good option in these cases.

Dark for Light, or the Other Way Around.

We might want to change a room from a dark to a light colour, or light to dark paint. This requires a layer of primer because the old paint will tend to partially show through the new paint. A layer of primer will provide a neutral surface, allowing the new paint to look the right colour. A primer that is tinted the same colour as the new paint will be very effective here.

House Painters in Double Bay

New paintwork can rejuvenate the look of any home. Professional painting can restore the original appearance, or give it something completely new.

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