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Tricks for Painting Services Sydney

Do we sometimes wonder why the professionals in any industry get better results than home DIY hobbyists? Of course the underlying reasons aren’t complex. Knowledge and experience make a huge difference. Or put another way, the right techniques and a lot of practice.

We cannot communicate practice, you have to do this yourself. But we can often give some solid, useful advice in writing. This at least means that we can practice the right techniques.

Sanding imperfections – This is almost entirely for re-painting, where we had to repair damage to the walls. After filling holes and dents with plaster we should sand the repaired areas flat and smooth. 220 grit sandpaper gives good results.
Try painting over the repairs with primer a day before you start painting. This prevents the repairs from showing through the final result.

Tape the edges – Some experienced professionals will use the paintbrush to cut in around the skirting boards, windows and door frames. Others will neatly cover the edges with painters tape. This can give good results. It helps to press the tape into place with a putty knife. The prevents paint getting under the tape and ruining the effect.

Cover larger items of furniture in the room with plastic and seal this with tape. This protects from paint, but also dust from sanding.

Tinted primer is useful. It is tinted a similar colour to the final paint colour. This is useful for covering repairs, and means you will only need one coat of paint on top of the primer.

Buy good Quality brushes. These last for years, as long as you clean them afterwards. There are natural bristle brushes that are better for oil based paints, and synthetic bristle brushes that are better for water based paints.

Remove paint from glass with a razor scraper. This also works on metal. A hair dryer can also remove dry paint, but this can be risky on glass if the temperature changes too quickly.

Eliminate brush marks with paint extended. This slows the drying time and gives a very smooth surface.

Put all the paint in one container. If we are painting a large room we might need several cans of paint. The problem is that every can of paint has a slightly different colour. We can eliminate this inconsistency by mixing all the cans of paint together in a sealable five-gallon bucket.

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