Eco Friendly Residential Painters Sydney We are more environmentally conscious today than ever before. Luckily, the progress of technology has meant that environmentally friendly options are improving all the time. This means we have some good options for eco-friendly painting. There are a few factors to look at for environmentally friendly options. The most...

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Protection of Exterior House Painting Sydney

About Exterior House Painting Sydney Exterior painting serves two main functions. The first is décor – the right paint job makes the home look more appealing. The second is protection – the paintwork protects the timber of the home from the elements of the weather. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep this...

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Painting House Iron Railings

Iron Railings Many homes and apartments have one or more iron fixtures. These are often railings along with the balcony or stairs, or sometimes iron frames over windows, but they might also be iron garden furniture. There is a unique charm to these iron fixtures. They look modern and classic, and they last for...

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Moving Items When House Painting –

Furniture and House Painting Sydney There is always a considerable amount of preparation in any house painting project. When we paint interior rooms we have to clean walls, tape over electric sockets, and either cover items of furniture or move them out of the room entirely. Most of this is tedious and finicky rather...

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